Dr. Marc Kellens

De Smet Ballestra, Belgium

Dr Marc Kellens is the Global Technical Director of De Smet. He joined De Smet Ballestra, Belgium in 1991 as Manager R&D. Since 2003 he is responsible as Global Technical Director for the oils and oilseeds technologies and oleochemical processes developed, designed and built by the De Smet. He carries R&D in his heart and is today still strongly involved in the new product developments and R&D activities of the De Smet. He has an engineering degree in food processing and technology and a PhD in oils and fats crystallization. Dr Kellens is author of numerous scientific articles and chapters in oils and oilseeds related books and has several patents in oil and oilseed processing technologies. He is a recurrent speaker at conferences and seminars presenting various topics of interest covering a broad field of oils, fats and oleochemical processes and products. He received the prestigious European Lipid Technology Award of Euro Fed Lipid in 2007 and the AOCS Distinguished Oil Processing Division Award in 2015. He received the Fellow of Euro Fed Lipid (FEFL) Award in 2017 and Honorary Fellow Award from the Malaysian Oil Scientist's and Technologist's Association (MOSTA) in 2018. He was president of the European Federation for the Science and Technology of Lipids (EFL) from 2010 till 2013 and president of the International Society of Fat Research (ISF) in 2013-2014.