Mr. Jenendra Bohra

Executive Director, Ferro Oiltek Pvt. Ltd. Thane.

Mr Jenendra Bohra is the Executive Director of Ferro Oiltek Pvt. Ltd, Thane, India and also Technical Director of Fit N Fine Co. Ltd. Phichit, Thialand. He obtained Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering from University Institute of Chemical Technology, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon. Mr Bohra has 12 years of technical and entrepreneurial experience. He is leading in technology-centric departments to become outstanding contributors and skilful at uniting educationally and geographically diverse teams toward achieving singular goals. Mr Bohra is responsible for enhancing operational direction and organizational efficiencies in his organization with a strategic outlook. He has developed innovative sales and marketing strategies to facilitate business expansion. He has implemented several new technological improvements in the area of oils and fats. Mr Bohra is affiliated to several organizations like All India Cotton Seed Crushers Association The Solvent Extraction Association of India, Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, Oil Technologist Association of India, Indian Merchant Chambers, Engineering Export Promotion Counsel and Trade Promotion Council of India