Mr. Kamalesh Kapadia

Conference Chairman - FOIC 2023

Mr Kamalesh Kapadia is CTO & Founder of Koncept N Klarity Technical Services. He obtained his M Sc (Tech) from UDCT, Mumbai (Now ICT) with a specialization in Fats, Oils & Oleo-chemical Technology. He is having more than 40 years of experience in the field. He was the Ex- Chairman/ MD & CEO at Desmet Ballestra India Pvt. Ltd. Mr Kapadia was Ex Sr. GM at Alfa Laval Malaysia Asia Pacific Region and handled the entire Asia Pacific Region and responsible for handling the operations in various countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Myanmar, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Hong-Kong etc. He travelled extensively for the technology promotions. He was the Ex-Product Manager Alfa Laval Tumba, Sweden for Soft-column deodorization technology development from its inception and launched in Europe, USA and Asian markets and was also responsible for the business operations in USA, Europe, South American markets. Mr Kapadia was Ex- Regional Manager at Alfa Laval Hong-Kong/China for Far East Region and Ex- head OPT Business unit, Alfa Laval India etc. He has production experience in the factories like, Allana Groups, Godrej etc. He had launched the following new technologies during the past international conferences: Soft-column Deodorization @ OTAI /AOCS International Conference New Delhi in Feb 1999; Biodiesel Technology @IICT Hyderabad India– in 2007; QS+ Deodorization Technology in 2010 in India; RBO Dewaxing and Winterization with Super filters and latest with WINWAX filters and Nano Neutralization technology. He has delivered more than 180 keynote/invitedlectures at various National and International Conferences.