Mr. Sandeep Khadke

Sharplex Filters (India) Pvt. Ltd. Navi Mumbai, India

Mr. Sandeep Khadke is the Managing Director of Sharplex Filters Private Ltd. He completed his Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from Mumbai University as one of the top rankers. He completed his certification in Piping Engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology-Mumbai. He joined Sharplex Filters in 2007 under the mentorship of his father Mr. Satish Khadke who is also the founder of Sharplex Filters. He underwent meticulous training and made sure that he understood the nuances of the business from grass root level. Mr Sandeep spent huge amount of time in all the important departments from inance to design and quality control to production. Mr Sandeep was eventually promoted to Managing Director and took the reins of the running of the company successfully into his hands. He has travelled extensively all over the world and has expanded the client base of the company in 90 countries. Today he is responsible for the overall working of the company and involved in important strategic decision making for the business. He is instrumental in maintaining the clientele and maintaining the highest production quality. In his leisure time he loves to travel and pursue sports