Mr. Yee Hon Seng

Novozymes Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Mr Yee Hon Seng is the Industry Technology Manager, Novozymes, Malaysia. He has over two decades of experience in the Oils & Fats processing and related industries. Graduated from University Putra, Malaysia in 1999 as Food Technologist and began career as Chemist in Intercontinental Specialty Fats Sdn Bhd, managing the lab operation for QA/QC task for different plant including refinery, fractionation, hydrogenation, chemical interesterification, semi continuous deodorization, packing and margarine plant. Mr Yee Hon Seng joined Novozymes in 2004 with main focuses to provide technical support for customer to implement enzymatic process in their plant. He has vast expertise in different enzymatic process within oils and fats industry included enzymatic interesterification, enzymatic degumming, enzymatic biodiesel, enzymatic esterification, and others.